Dedicated to the advancement of the mainland sugarcane industry in the United States of America

American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists

Honorary Members
of the
American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists

Honorary membership shall be conferred on any individual who has distinguished himself or herself in the sugar industry and is elected by a majority vote of the Joint Executive Committee. Honorary membership shall be exempt from dues and entitled to all the privileges of active membership. Each Division may have up to 15 Honorary Members. In addition, there may be up to eight Honorary members assigned to the two Divisions jointly. The following is a current list of the Honorary members of the American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists:

Honorary Members

Florida Division Joint Division Louisiana Division
Henry J. Andreis Richard D. Breaux Harold Birkett
Ron DeStefano Stephen J. Clarke Keith P. Bischoff
Barney Eiland Jack Comstock Jessie Breaux
John A. Fanjul Benjamin Legendre Patrick Cancienne
David Hall Denver T. Loupe Robert Falgout
David G. Holder Freddie A. Martin Manola Garcia
Mike Irey   Dalton P. Landry
Raul Perdomo   Charlie Melancon
Ed Rice   William S. Patout III
James M. Shine Jr.   Edward P. Richard
  Kenneth Rodrigue
    Jackie Theriot
  Calvin Viator
  Daniel P. Viator


In Memoriam
In memory of deceased Honorary Members*

Florida Division Joint Division Louisiana Division
Guillermo Aleman Jack L. Dean Felix "Gus" Blanchard
Pedro R. Arellano Preston H. Dunckelman F. Neal Bolton
Enrique Arias Humberto Farinas S. J. P. Chilton
Antonio Arvesu      Lloyd L. Lauden        Lester Davidson
D. W. Beardsley Jimmy D. Miller P.J. "Pete" de Gravelles
B. A. Belcher Harold A. Willett Gilbert Durbin
John. B. Boy Peter Tai Minus Granger
Horace Godfrey F. A. Graugnard, Jr.
Leo P. Hebert   Merlin T. Henderson
Arthur Kirstein III   Sess Hensley
William J. Miller, Jr.   James E. Irvine
Joseph R. Orsenigo   Harold Jacobs
Blas M. Rodriguez Irving Legendre, Jr.
E. H. Todd   Lowell L. McCormick
George H. Wedgworth E.W. McNeil
Rouby J. Matherne
    Joseph A. Polack
Charles Savoie, Sr.

*Beginning with 1993 Honorary Members