Journal of the American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists


Volume 34, 2014



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M. Tahir, I. H. Khalil, P. H. McCord, B. Glaz, and J. Todd

C. LaBorde, C. Kimbeng, K. Gravois, and K. Bischoff.  
M. Tahir, I. H. Khalil, P. H. McCord, B. Glaz, and J. Todd  




Sugarcane Yield Response to Nitrogen on Mineral Soils in Florida

M. McCray, K. Morgan, L. Baucum, and S. Ji 57

Influence of Foliar Copper and Nickel Applications on Sugarcane Yields in Brown Rust Infested Fields in Louisiana

R. M. Johnson and M. P. Grisham 57

Organo-Mineral Fertilizer on Sugarcane Production

R. T. X. de Sousa and G. H. Korndörfer 58

Characteristics of Sugarcane Residue Biochar and its Effects on Agronomic Yields

J. J. Wang, C. Y. Jeong, S. K. Dodla, and H. P. Viator 59

Potential Applications of Apparent Soil EC Mapping (with EM-38 equipment) to Improve Nutrient Management in Organic and Mineral Soils of Everglades Agricultural Area

H. Sandhu, M. Singh, and M. McCray 59

On-Farm Evaluation of Trinexapac-ethyl for Early Season Sucrose Enhancement

A. J. Orgeron, J. L. Griffin, B. L. Legendre, and K. A. Gravois 60

Ho 07-613 – A Potential New Sugarcane Variety for Louisiana

W. H. White, E. O. Dufrene, D. L. Verdun, M. J. Duet, A. L. Hale, C. J. Landry, M. P. Grisham, K. Z. Warnke, and Y.-B. Pan 61

Impacts of the Basic Breeding Program

A. L. Hale 61

Development of New Canal Point Cultivars for Sandy Soils of South Florida

M. Singh, C. LaBorde, W. Davidson, L. Davis, C.-J. Hu, M. Baltazar, P. McCord, H. Sandhu, and J. Comstock 62

Progress from Half-decade of Breeding for Low Starch Content in Sugarcane

C. Kimbeng, M. Zhou, S. Edme, A. Hale, and M. Pontif 63

Phenotypic Characterization of the Saccharum spp. Diversity Panel Selected from the Miami World Collection of Sugarcane and Related Grasses

J. Todd, B. Glaz, J. Wang, T. Ayala-Silva, N. C. Glynn, O. A. Gutierrez, D. Kuhn, and J. C. Comstock 64

Segregation Analysis of Microsatellite (SSR) Markers in Sugarcane Polyploids

Y.-B. Pan, H. Zhou, C. Chen, X. Lu, Q. Cai, J.-R. Zhu, P.-H. Chen, and R.-K. Chen 64

Genotyping Sugarcane for the Bru1 Locus Using Unlabeled Probe Melting

P. McCord and A. Migneault 65

Developing a Reference Genomic Map and Identifying the Markers Linked to Sugarcane Orange Rust Resistance Genes

X. Yang, N. Glynn, J. Comstock, and J. Wang 66

Identification of Sugarcane Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 4Es Interacting with Sugarcane Mosaic Virus VPg

J. Xu, M. Dong, G. Cheng, L. Peng, H. Zhu, J. Guo, L. Xu, and T. Wei 66

Towards Commercial Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Sugarcane

S. M. Brumbley, R. M. McQualter, L. A. Petrasovits, L. K. Gebbie, and L. K. Nielsen 67

Characterization of Miscane Feedstock and Pyrolysis Co-Products

A. Lovelady and S. Capareda 68

Seed Treatment Chemicals Improve Stand Establishment and Yield Obtained from Billet Planting In Louisiana

J. W. Hoy, N. Blackwelder, H. L. Waguespack, Jr., B. Ball, and C. F. Savario 68

The Current Status of Fungicidal Management of Brown and Orange Rusts in Florida Sugarcane Production

R. N. Raid, P. C. Rott, and J. C. Comstock 69

Effect of Sugarcane Smut on Yield and the Relationship of Soil Properties with Smut Incidence

M. P. Grisham, R. M. Johnson, and B. Ball 69

Evaluation of Sugarcane Germplasm for Yellow Leaf Resistance

S. Sood, J. C. Comstock, and J. Todd 70

Status of Mexican Rice Borer in Florida

G. Nuessly, N. Larsen, L. Baucum, W. Dixon, L. Whilby, J. Hayden, J. Comstock, W. White, E. Hernandez, and A. Scott 71

Pest Status and Management of the Mexican Rice Borer

M.T. VanWeelden, B.E. Wilson, J.M. Beuzelin, T.E. Reagan, and M.O. Way 71

Status of the sugarcane rusts in Florida

J. C. Comstock and S. Sood 72

Evaluation of Sugarcane Orange Rust for First Clonal Stage of the CP Cultivar Development Program

D. Zhao, R. W. Davidson, M. Baltazar, and J. C. Comstock 73

A Report on the Transmissibility of Sugarcane Mosaic Virus and Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Virus through Seed in Sugarcane

A. T. Washington-Keizerweerd, C. J. Maroon-Lango, and M. P. Grisham 73

Effects of Subsurface Drip Irrigation Flow Rates and Emitter Spacing on Sugarcane Water Uptake and Production in Florida Alfisols

J. E. Villalobos L. and K. Morgan 74

Preliminary Observations of Sugarcane Trash Conversion

M. S. Wright 75

Residue Management and Sugarcane Yield

M. Selim, B. Tubaña, and A. Arceneaux 76

Effects of Reduced or No-Tillage on Sugarcane Growth and Yield in Organic Soils in Florida

H. S. Sandhu and M. Singh 76

Characterizing and Utilizing Saccharum spp Genetic Resources ----- J. Song, S. N. Nayak, A. Villa

T. Ayala-Silva, X. Yang, J. Todd, B. Glaz, J. Comstock, D. N. Kuhn, R. Gilbert, and J. Wang 77

Screening USDA-ARS Canal Point Sugarcane Breeding Germplasm for Sandland Variety Development

C. LaBorde, N. Glynn, W. Davidson, J. Comstock, M. Irey, J. Shine, R. Perdomo, C.J. Hu, D. Zhao, L. Davis, K. Polacik, and M. Singh 78

Development of Energy Cane Cultivars in Florida

H. Sandhu, V. S. Gordon, J. Comstock, R. Gilbert, N. El-Hout, and R. Arundale 79

Fall Panicum Interference in Sugarcane

D. C. Odero, N. Havranek, and M. Duchrow 79



The Fuel and Steam Balance in the Raw Sugar Factory

H. Birkett and J. Stein 81

Operation of a Filtrate Clarification Station

C. Gaudet, S. Grimaldo, and B. L. Legendre 81

2012/13 Season Investigations into Rotary Vacuum Filter Operations at Clewiston

M. Damms and B. Ton 81

Improvement of Raw Sugar Quality Using Double Purge of C-Massecuites Performance Comparison

L. S. Polanco, D. F. Day, S. Savoie, S. Bergeron, and T. Charlet 82

The Mathematical Underpinning of Sugar Industry Performance Calculations

S. J. Clarke 82

The Molasses Survey: What Is It?

C. Verret 83

Optimization of Final Molasses Exhaustion

F. Beyene, M. Comb, A. Avila, J.W. King, and S.L. Goudeau 83

Managing Damaging Freeze Events in Louisiana Sugarcane

B. Legendre, H. Birkett, K. Gravois, H. Waguespack, M. Duet, E. Dufrene, W. Jackson, and Jeanie Stein 84

Process Systems Engineering for the Sugar Industry: Concept and Applications

D. A. Mena 86

Gear Lubrication - Sump to Spray

N. Osorio, J. Causin, T. Albarado, and B. Grantham 86

Scale Removal Using EDTA – Preliminary Results on 5th Effect Evaporator Scale

J. N. LePage and P. Kincaid 87

On-Line Crystal Growth Monitoring and Sugar Color Measurement Using Image Processing Techniques

C. Bouché 87

Evaluation of Harvesting and Storage Practices for Sweet Sorghum and Energy Cane

A. L. Amaya, B. Legendre, D. Aragon, D. Day, and B. R. Sarker 88